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Socialism, Capitalism, and Compassion

The recent presidential primaries have revealed a rise in support of socialism in our nation. In response to the misconception that only the government can assist its citizens, here are 5 reasons why I am thankful to be the director of a privately funded charity organization.

1. Local funding promotes local involvement in the lives of local people in need. People who give here often find ways to serve the people who come here. From mentoring young families to conducting diaper drives; when donors actually see their dollars at work, they are much more likely to volunteer their time to invest in the people their dollars are helping.

2. Local funding comes from people across the financial spectrum. Not all of our donors are wealthy. From collecting change, to selling stock, the PRC supporters give not because they are forced to through taxes. They give because they believe that the work of this Center is making a difference in our community.

3. As a privately funded agency, we are free to serve anyone who needs help, not just those who fall into specific government income guidelines. In addition to serving families who fall below the federal poverty level, we are also able to serve other families who may have a larger income level yet struggle to make ends meet.

4. We are free to autonomously adjust or change our programs and services to better meet community needs. We are free to asses and adjust our programs based on local realities rather than national standards. Tied to that, we are free to spend our time on our patients and clients rather than government forms and red tape.

5. Local Support increases where there is a lack of government involvement. When people find out that we are not government funded, the reaction is shock, followed quickly by the question, “What can I do to help you?”

To those who may believe that socialism creates a more compassionate world, I would respond with the words of Linda May, “The government is an institution. It can offer money or programs, but not compassion. It takes people to have compassion for other people.” Therefore, I urge you to be the compassion that you long for. If you are concerned about a need in your community, do something about it.

To the supporters of the PRC, thank you. Because of your compassion, local families in need have access to the means to meet basic clothing and care needs for their young children, as well as opportunities to be encouraged and equipped as parents.

This article was written specifically in regard to the issue of Socialism. It is not meant to detract from other charity organizations in any way regardless of government funding. The PRC enjoys serving alongside many excellent local charities and are thankful for Missouri Legislators who help the citizens of Missouri not only through funding, but also through pro private charity legislation.

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