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Free Programs and Services

Free programs and services at the PRC help to save lives and strengthen families in three ways:  Prevention, Intervention, and Education.


Often people dive into relationships with no real understanding of risks or long term relationship goals. Through our Healthy Relationship Education program we equip teens to think ahead about relationship decisions and to make plans for a stable future.


Healthy Relationship Education program (HRE) helps young teens to understand what healthy relationships look like, how to set boundaries, and why teens should wait for sex until marriage. We currently present this program in most schools in the Parkland area.


When an unprepared pregnancy occurs, many women struggle with one of three issues.

     -How life as they planned it can continue with a baby?

     -How they can provide a good home for a child?

     -How they can face the shame of an unprepared pregnancy?

The Center provides women with a safe place to learn about their options, to ask questions, and to see the opportunities for a stable future with a family.


We offer pregnancy tests, options education, ultrasounds, and STD testing all free of charge. Women who call in panicked over the possibility of pregnancy can leave knowing that there are resources available; that a stable future is possible, and that they have someone to come alongside them.

Family Using a Tablet

Education: Raising children can be difficult, from the fear of first-time parenting to the struggle to provide diapers for fast growing children; our parenting classes can help. We provide classes to teach or refresh (for practiced parents) parenting skills, as well as opportunities to earn resources for infants and toddlers.


Parenting Classes – Parents who attend these classes receive information about pre-natal care, nutrition, healthy relationships, infant safety, infant development, sudden infant death syndrome, child discipline and many other topics.  The purpose is to teach accountability through class participation, homework, and Bible study.  By completing these assignments, parents can earn points to purchase baby care items such as diapers, wipes, clothes, or high chairs.


Parent Support Classes – These classes are for parents who have been mandated by the court system to take parenting classes.  They cover basic discipline and relational interactive skills.  This is a four week course that also provides a weekly Bible study. 


Life Skills Classes - Clients who attend these classes receive information about self care, managing money and budgeting, how to interview for a job, and so much more that pertains to life. These classes also offer a bible study and opportunities to earn points to purchase baby care items.

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