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PRC On the Move!

Your giving is growing the Parkland PRC in two very big ways! 


    1. Now Open: Monarch Family Resource Center - A new PRC satellite center in the Ironton/Arcadia Valley area!





A word from Beth, the Satellite Manager of Monarch Family Resource Center:

       “The propelling force of Monarch Family Resource Center was ignited on the foundation of

        prayer and trusting God to lead every move, step-by-step. We can all agree that there are

        needs in our community which affect the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of

        individuals and families. I firmly believe that real change will begin to take place when the

        focus is shifted to strengthening the family unit and individuals by providing an array of

        Biblically based education and opportunities to ease the burden of parenting young

        children- all at no cost to the family. That’s exactly our mission at Monarch Family

        Resource Center.”

      2. The PRC is back in Farmington!

             We outgrew our building in Park Hills. After looking into remodeling,  adding on to the building, and a lot of praying, God literally led us to a new location in Farmington.  Parkland PRC board members, staff, and clients are excited to call Farmington home once again.  Stop by and visit us during regular business hours at 1565 Ste. Genevieve Ave., Farmington.

Parkland PRC/Monarch FRC Mission

Parkland PRC/Monarch FRC works to save lives by transforming the Parkland culture into one that embraces life and family.

This goal is accomplished in three main ways:

     1. Prevention: Healthy Relationship Education classes for schools, youth groups....and coming next year senior 

          adult courses, equip teens and seniors to navigate relationships with healthy boundaries, 
     2. Intervention: For people faced with an unprepared pregnancy,  Parkland PRC/Monarch FRC clinics are the                  first step for 
 pregnancy confirmation, ultrasound, limited testing, and answers to the question "What do                    I do next?'. We walk with parents through the highs and lows to help families have stability through this life                changing time. 

     3. Education: Children don't come with a manual, but PRC/FRC parenting classes help parents to recognize

          milestones, navigate frustrations and celebrate the joys of parenting. In addition, Parkland PRC/Monarch                  FRC provides life skills, communication, budgeting, relationship building, and many other essential life                          classes.

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